Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MSDN Construct 2 App Lab with guest speaker Danial Goodwin

02/24/14- Guest speaker Danial Goodwin lead an informational workshop on developing games using the popular game engine, Construct 2, with the University of North Florida's MSDN club.

Club members learned the basics of Construct 2 and best practices as they worked through a Flappy Bird tutorial (a popular iOS and Android game) for Windows 8 devices.  At the end of three hours all the participants finished the logical side of their mobile applications.  The first app was published on the Windows Store and available for users to download less than 24 hours later.

An estimated 15-20 students were in attendance and stayed for the duration of the app lab.

To see more of Danial's work, visit his website at danialgoodwin.com

Monday, February 24, 2014

Opening a Windows 8 Developer Account at UNF

Prerequisites:  Email or meet with Larry or Walt on the 3rd floor of the CS building and have them set you up a Dreamspark account.  Only takes about 5 minutes.

1.  Get access to the REAL Dreamspark

The Dreamspark account that UNF sets you up with isn't the real Dreamspark account we need to use, so we have an extra step involved before we can start developing applications.  After you have gotten Dreamspark access through Larry or Walt (I think their version is called e.hub or something similar), search in the portal for "Windows Store Token".  This will pull up a free access code.  Purchase the code and copy it into a word doc because we will need to use this in the next step.

2.  The REAL Dreamspark

Go to the real Dreamspark website through this link (https://www.dreamspark.com/Student/Windows-Store-Access.aspx) and click on the first option that says "Verify Now".  This will bring you through the setup process to get access to Dreamspark.  When you get to the third or so page, it will ask you to verify the school you attend.  You are going to want to choose the third option that says Verify With Access code and copy and paste the 5-part access code you have gotten in the previous step.  Now that you are verified click on the second option in the link above and claim yet another registration code.

3.  Create your developer account

Go to dev.windows.com and create a new developer account.  You should see a prompt to sign-in in the top right corner and after pressing it you will have the option to create a new account.  This will be a bit of a process, but you should go through all of the steps to create an account.

When you get to the point about choosing your developer name be sure to choose wisely!  It's hard to get these changed after creating them so be sure to choose something you will be happy with in a year.

After your account is successfully created you should be dumped on an empty dashboard page for your apps.

4.  Verify your financial info

This part has to be completed before you can submit an application and used to send you the money that your paid applications collect (as well as for tax purposes).  You will find the link to verify your financial information at the top of your dashboard.  Basically they ask for a routing and account number for your bank.  Then they will charge or deposit a couple of cents to your account and once the charges post they will ask you to verify the amount to be sure that they are working with the correct bank account.

This may take a few days depending on your financial institution.