Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MSDN Construct 2 App Lab with guest speaker Danial Goodwin

02/24/14- Guest speaker Danial Goodwin lead an informational workshop on developing games using the popular game engine, Construct 2, with the University of North Florida's MSDN club.

Club members learned the basics of Construct 2 and best practices as they worked through a Flappy Bird tutorial (a popular iOS and Android game) for Windows 8 devices.  At the end of three hours all the participants finished the logical side of their mobile applications.  The first app was published on the Windows Store and available for users to download less than 24 hours later.

An estimated 15-20 students were in attendance and stayed for the duration of the app lab.

To see more of Danial's work, visit his website at danialgoodwin.com

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